Amy Pardieck

Breakout Group

Saturday Morning

Amy Pardieck

“Opening Statement – How to be a Badass in the courtroom, without being a Bitch, Scatterbrain or Nerd”


This workshop focuses on women attorneys being the person who jurors trust most in the courtroom.

 Since attorneys are the number one demonstrative in the courtroom, managing juror perceptions of you is key. 

 Jurors typically experience attorneys very differently than attorneys experience themselves.  These perceptions generally coalesce around a finite number of behavior patterns.  Juror perceptions differ between male and female attorneys.  Does it matter?  Yes.

 Bring an open mind and a desire to be self-reflective.  This is an opportunity to bring an opening statement or closing argument and workshop practical applications of you as a demonstrative on a case of your own.

 At this workshop, Amy will apply research on the latest trends in how jurors arrive at perceptions of attorneys based on language, movement, demeanor, mindsets, and appearance.  She will share her research on which behavior patterns are most likely to be well-received by jurors and ways to shape your own style.