Eric Fong

Breakout Group

Friday Afternoon

Eric Fong


Description: This workshop is focused on themes and stories attorneys can use to frame their case and empower jurors to do as they suggest.  The closing argument is the time to inspire the jury to action. With the proper frame, you can focus your closing argument so that the jury returns a verdict that not only holds the defendant accountable for their actions but compensates your client in unimaginable ways. The other must of closing arguments is exposing the defendant’s attempts to avoid accountability throughout the trial itself.  This is what Gerry Spence is talking about when he says “closing isn’t the time to retell the story of the case, but the time to tell the story of the trial.” 


Students will be able to work on their actual cases to discover universal themes and frames that exist in every case.  Once we identify the proper betrayal, students will all get up and practice closing arguments so they can hone in on powerful deliveries that inspire jurors to right the wrong.


Work sessions will include:

  • Discover the story of betrayal that impacts the jurors’ belief system;
  • Discover the story of the trial that exposes the defendant’s dishonesty;
  • Structuring closing arguments to capitalize on these powerful motivators of justice;
  • How to empower the jury to right the wrong;
  • Students getting up and delivering actual closing argument of the case work up.