Joe Fried

Breakout Group

Saturday Morning

Joe Fried

“Framing Your Trucking Case”

  • In advance, each attendee must answer the following questions about the case:
    • What are the top three reasons you think you should win the case?
    • What do you think your strongest 3 points are for trial?
    • If you are going to lose the case, what are the three reasons you will lose?
    • What are your 3 biggest problems in the case?
    • What do you think the value of the case is and why?
  • Participants must meet via Zoom 1 month before the program so Joe can give them their assignments. Attendees will prepare a 3 minute open/close statement where they tell the story of the case & ask for the money. 
  • Challenge people to focus on the frame.  
  • We will examine the frame of the case and make suggestions on how it can be improved upon

*Applicants to this workshop must send a 150 max word length case description to by September 24th, 2021. Joe will select the 8 applicants. *