John Romano

Breakout Group

Friday Afternoon

John Romano

“Interactive Troubleshooting Session”


  • Applicants attending this session must have cases that are in-suit and headed towards trial
  • Will consider specific case issues and problem areas with considerable hurdles for the case and identify solutions
  • Applicants should provide group with a written overview of the case (prior to arriving for the meeting) and the overview needs to include these items:
    • Brief statement of facts
    • Brief overview of problem areas or issues
    • Case venue/jurisdiction
    • Synopsis of what applicant has done thus far to identify solution or remedy
  • This workshop will deal with all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases…i.e. TBI, product liability, trucking, med mal, dram shop and social host liability, construction site collapses and injuries, premises liability, negligence security, etc.