Phillip Millar & Camille Moore

Breakout Group

Friday Morning & Saturday Morning

Phillip Millar

“Special Forces Techniques for Maximizing Performance of small teams in High-Stress Situations”


  • Participants will engage in a strategic planning process that improves performance
  • Learn the 11 Leadership Principles taught to all Top Military Leaders
  • Participate in wargaming scenarios that encourage a detailed analysis of possible outcomes and the development of contingency plans
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a fact scenario and methods of choosing the right options.


This will be a highly interactive breakout session sharing elite information from a veteran Canadian special forces captain turned trial lawyer.

Phillip Millar is the facilitator for Topic 1


Friday Afternoon & Saturday Afternoon

Camille Moore & Phillip Millar

“Strategic Storytelling and Information Warfare”


Tactics tips and procedures on Operational Security, deception operations, and Influencing your opponent’s decision-making process. This breakout session will involve legal fact scenarios and the presenters will review participants’ initial assessment of opportunities and weaknesses.  

Cutting-edge digital communication techniques from a Harvard-trained Marketer will be coupled with Elite MIlitary strategies used to seize the initiative in order to win the information battle in high conflict scenarios.

Camille Moore & Phillip Millar are the facilitators on Topic 2