Conal Doyle

Thursday, October 28, 2021 // From 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Subject: Amputations



Conal Doyle is an award-winning trial lawyer who has received national recognition for his courtroom victories that have had broad reaching impact on society. He is one of the few attorneys in history to argue before the United States Supreme Court and obtain multiple seven and eight figure jury verdicts. Conal’s reputation as one of the finest trial attorneys in America was further cemented with two stunning back-to-back verdicts in Kern County, California, one of California’s most “conservative” jurisdictions. Conal was born without his right leg, and like many of his clients, has overcome great obstacles and endured daily struggles. These experiences provide him a unique insight into his clients’ challenges and help him guide his clients through difficult times. Conal is well known as an adv ocate for amputees in injury and bad faith insurance claims. His article, “Glimpsing the Future for an Amputee,” is used as a guide for litigating limb loss cases by attorneys across the country.

Lecture Details

Conal Doyle will examine all issues involved with litigating amputation injury cases from the perspective of a life-long amputee. Conal was born without his right leg and is intimately familiar with prosthetics, the biggest driver of case value in a typical amputation injury case. The presentation will touch on the following topics:

Economic Damages: How most plaintiffs’ attorneys leave money on the table by not hiring the right experts to work up the proper life care plan. The most important issue in the typical amputation case is a prosthetic life care plan that provides full and fair compensation for a lifetime of prosthetic devices. Prosthetics are cutting-edge, constantly changing, fields that have become more and more expensive due to the development of microprocessor prosthetics. Over 80% of a typical amputation injury life care plan comes from the cost of prosthetics, yet most attorneys rely on medical doctors to provide this data. The future prosthetic care alone in some cases should exceed $10 million. We will show how the certified prosthetist (C.P.) is the most important expert in an amputation case, and how they are sometimes underutilized by some of the best plaintiff’s attorneys. The presentation will show:

1. How to present the direct testimony of the certified prosthetist.
2. The basics of prosthetic care that every plaintiff attorney needs to know.
3. How to avoid traps that are unwittingly laid by the typical plaintiff’s life care planner.
4. How to counter and oftentimes eliminate the common defense arguments.
5. Model cross-examination of the defense prosthetist.
6. How to cross-examine the defense PM&R physician on prosthetics.
7. Concrete case studies from real cases

Non-Economic Damages: How to present a non-economic damages presentation that does not attempt to garner sympathy but provides concrete examples and stories that demonstrate the substantial everyday struggles and challenges faced by a typical amputee. In a counter-intuitive approach, we show how to resist the temptation to “over-try” the damages case and instead focus on empowering the jury to provide the full value of the life care plan so that the plaintiff can live the fullest and most complete life possible.

For a basic overview of this presentation, read Conal Doyle’s article in AAJ’s Trial Magazine, “Glimpsing the future for an amputee