Courtney Rowley

Thursday, October 28th, 2021 // From 8:30am to 12:00pm

Subject: Age / disability discrimination

3 hr Case Analysis


Courtney Rowley is a trial lawyer, author, speaker and founder of Trial By Woman. She tries cases across the country and is passionate about protecting the jury trial system. She believes all lawyers are civil rights lawyers and is committed to motivating and helping other lawyers pursue their best practice.

Case Analysis Details

"Simers v. Los Angeles Times"

Voir Dire, Opening Statement, Closing Argument, & Rebuttal

TJ Simers was one of the top sports writers in the country, and award winning sports columnist, and longtime loyal employee of the LA Times. His position as a columnist, his title, and his freedom to write as he had for over 20 years, was illegally taken away and he was demoted because of his age and medical condition (TJ had a TIA). The top decision makers at the LA Times did something cruel to a senior citizen when he was going though the scariest time of his life. The case was tried by Courtney Rowley and Carney Shegerian on liability and damages resulting in a $7.3M, which included economic damages and non-economic damages. The judge took that verdict away, cut out economic damages, ordered a re-trial on non-economic damages only. Courtney Rowley and Nicholas Rowley retried the case or non-economic damages and won a $15.5 million verdict. The trial was uneventful with no irregularity. Nonetheless, the judge took that verdict away also and ordered a new trial on non-economic damages. The case will be tried again in December of this year. The LA Times has brought Mike Shonbuch, a very good defense lawyer, in as trial counsel. We are looking forward to the trial and a high 7 or 8 figure verdict. The LA Times still refuses to offer any real amount of money on the case. The LA Times did a 998 for $500K.