Geordan Logan

Friday, October 29th, 2021 // From 1:30pm to 5:00pm

Subject: Teach Your Case

3 hr Lecture


In 2010, Geordan pursued a career as a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Geordan attended the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law. Geordan also served as the President of the Criminal Law Society and as the founding President of Legally Speaking. Among the many other accolades Geordan received while in law school, he is most proud of being awarded the American Society of Legal Writers’ Scribes Award. After graduating from law school, Geordan began his legal career as a Deputy Public Defender at the Clark County Public Defender’s Office. In this position, Geordan was responsible for all aspects of a large case load: from arraignment to appeal. As a Deputy Public Defender, Geordan was in court virtually every day. This experience helped to hone Geordan’s strong courtroom presence. Geordan began his employment at Claggett & Sykes Law Firm in January of 2018, and he hit the ground running.

Lecture Details

A trial lawyer’s success in achieving a full and fair verdict depends in large part on the lawyer’s ability to teach the jury what matters most. In an adversarial system, victory often goes to the lawyer best able to educate the jury in a way that the jury will understand, remember, and internalize one party’s story over the other’s. As a result, effective trial presentations require an understanding of how adults learn and remember. By applying the fundamentals of adult learning to your openings, closings, and witness examinations you will maximize the likelihood that your client’s story will be the story that jurors remember and advocate for in the deliberation room. In this seminar, Geordan Logan will teach many of the tips, tricks, and techniques that have resulted in multiple eight-figure verdicts. After a brief explanation of how adults learn and retain information, Geordan will demonstrate how those fundamentals are applied to trial presentations.


This ain’t rocket science. On the contrary, once you understand the fundamentals, it’s as easy as ABC, one, two, three . . .