John Romano

Saturday, October 30th, 2021 // From 8:30am to 12:00pm

Subject: Direct & Cross Examination Lecture

3 hr Lecture


A partner at Romano Law Group, John F. Romano is a civil trial advocate. He regularly handles and litigates cases in the following areas: auto and truck accident litigation and trials, fall-down and premises liability cases, product liability, business litigation, pharmaceutical drug cases, pharmaceutical medical device cases, insurance litigation and criminal defense. John has successfully litigated to a verdict nearly every type of civil and criminal case, including those involving failure to diagnose cancer, product defects, drug and vaccine defect litigation, libel and slander, vehicular collisions, personal injury, murder, armed robbery and wrongful denial of health insurance benefits. He lectures across America on trial advocacy and tort and criminal law, has authored three textbooks, and has published more than 100 articles in national publications or papers for national presentation.

Lecture Details

Cross Examination of the Defense Medical Examiner & Defense Experts in Depositions and Trial

“Cross Examination of the Defense Medical Examiner & Defense Experts in Depositions and Trial”

  • Learning how to make every deposition a winner
  • Comprehending the concept that a deposition “is” trial
  • Session will focus on how to word and phrase questions strategically by comparing the good worded question to a better worded question to the best worded question for cross-examination purposes

“Journey Through Cross-Ups in Cross-Examination Techniques”

  • “Three Prong For in the Road” technique of cross-examination
  • Multiples of questions technique for depositions
  • Setting for trial and deposition
  • Cross examining on “The Obvious”
  • Connecting with Jurors during a focused cross-examination
  • Comparison of deposition video clips with actual trial cross-examination clips
  • Bringing it all together in cross-examination

 “Pain Dissection & Autopsy – Taking the Deep-dive into Proving & Arguing Physical Pain, Physical Suffering, Mental Pain, Mental Anguish in Personal Injury Cases”

  • The essence of pain
  • Defining pain…defining suffering…defining anguish
  • Learning the essential need to have medical witnesses teach fundamental concepts of pain