Jon Marko

Friday, October 29th, 2021 // From 8:30am to 10:30am

Subject: Race Discrimination

2 hr Case Analysis


Jon Marko is the principal at Marko Law, based out of Detroit, Michigan. Jon specializes in employment litigation, civil rights, and personal injury matters. Jon has been involved in countless high-profile cases that garnered national attention, including the shooting of 3-year-old Aiyana Jones by a Detroit police officer, and is currently co-counsel with Geoffrey Fieger on the case of Cornelius Frederick, a 16-year-old foster child who was strangled to death by staff at a foster facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Jon currently holds the title to having the largest intact state employment verdict in State of Michigan history.

After graduating law school in Washington, D.C., Jon clerked for the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. After clerking, Jon worked under renowned trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger. It was here, that Jon was finally able to practice his life-long dream of being an attorney in the trenches of the courtroom. He has been awarded the honor of being named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers magazine for the past ten years in a row, has been named one of the top ten personal injury attorneys in the State of Michigan, and was recently named the 2021 “Go To Lawyer” for employment law by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

Case Analysis Details

“Griffey v. State of Michigan”

Opening Statement & Closing Argument

The case was based on racial harassment and retaliation claims brought by Lisa Griffey and her husband, Cedric Griffey, both employees of the State of Michigan working for the Michigan Department of Corrections. Lisa and her husband left their jobs in metro Detroit so that Cedric could take a promotion to a prison in northern Michigan outside of Flint in the rural town of Lapeer. Lapeer is largely white and conservative. When Lisa transferred to her new position in Lapeer, she was the only black employee in the entire county building of 200 people. Mrs. Griffey was subjected to racial harassment by co-workers, including being called “mammy”, a racist and derogatory name for an elderly African American slave woman. Marko filed a racial harassment suit for Lisa that was featured on the news and widely known within the MDOC. Within one year of her being on the news related to her case, her husband would be forced out of his job as deputy warden after being set up on multiple false charges by the MDOC. Marko amended the complaint to add a retaliation claim for Cedric and had to present two separate discrimination cases in one to the jury.