Nathan Goldberg

Friday, October 29th, 2021 // From 11:00am to 2:30pm

Subject: Sexual Harassment Case

2 hr Case Analysis


Mr. Goldberg, a partner at Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, graduated summa cum laude from Loyola Law School in 1974. Mr. Goldberg has been named one of the top 100 Southern California “SuperLawyers” by Law & Politics and Los Angeles Magazine every year since 2004. In addition, he has been recognized by Law Dragon magazine as one of the 500 leading plaintiff’s lawyers in America. In October 2006 a Ventura County jury awarded $18 million to Mr. Goldberg’s client, James Stevens, a Von’s clerk who was fired after complaining that a female supervisor sexually harassed him. Mr. Goldberg has a broad range of trial experience in state and federal courts. Most recently, Mr.Goldberg was lead trial counsel in both the case of Adams v. Los Angeles Unified SchoolDistrict (2002) and the case of Salama v. King Drew Medical Center (2000). Each of these trials resulted in a jury award well in excess of $4 million. Mr. Goldberg also served as lead trial counsel in the pregnancy discrimination case of Tylo v. Spelling that resulted in a jury verdict of nearly $5 million. Additionally, he was lead trial and appellate counsel in Thorne v. City of El Segundo. As the lead trial counsel in Thomas v. City of Los Angeles, he represented the director of the Los Angeles Zoo, who had been wrongfully terminated. The District Court granted a mandatory injunction restoring Dr. Thomas to his position on the grounds that he had been denied due process; the court awarded him full relief. In another well-known case, Mr. Goldberg represented Sandra Bardenilla, a nurse wrongfully terminated after reporting the misconduct of two doctors at Kaiser Permanente Hospital. The jury awarded Ms. Bardenilla compensatory and punitive damages. In addition to appearing for numerous speaking engagements, Mr. Goldberg has served on various CEB and L.A. County panels on employment law. This past year, Nathan Goldberg was the lead trial counsel in the following single-plaintiff employment cases and won nearly $70 million on behalf of his clients: Knutsson v. KTLA-judgment in excess of $4 million; Reeves v. Alki David et al.-judgment $5 million; Khan v. Alki David et al.-judgment $58.25 million.

Case Analysis Details

"Khan v. Alki David"

Opening Statement, Closing Argument

Opening in one of the largest verdicts ever for an employment sexual harassment case, Allred, Maroko & Goldberg won a $58.25 million verdict on behalf of Mahim Khan- $50 million in punitive damages and $8.25 million in compensatory damages after she suffered battery, sexual battery and sexual harassment from her former employer, billionaire entrepreneur Alki David. Khan is one of several women who worked at Alki David’s media companies who has filed sexual harassment and battery suits against him.

A pattern of abusive behavior

In October of 2019, Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, on behalf of another client, comedy writer Lauren Reeves, obtained a $5 million award against the same Defendants– $4.36 million in punitive damages and $650,000 in compensatory damages. She similarly suffered sexual harassment and battery by David.

David is reported to have said many explicit statements and perpetrated inappropriate actions against multiple women employed at his media companies. Currently, legal verdicts against David stack up to almost $74 million, with additional sexual harassment cases still pending against him.

Gloria Allred released a statement saying “Mr. David’s misconduct in the workplace was outrageous and was such that it would shock the conscience of the community. We are very pleased that the jury agreed and expressed their strong disapproval in their punitive damages verdict.”

Zero tolerance for workplace misconduct

Influential executives and entrepreneurs must be shown that sexual abuse and workplace harassment will not be tolerated. While difficult for workers to speak out against their employers, it is crucial to stop those in positions in power from getting away with abuse.

These two successful lawsuits against David show that even billionaires can be stopped. This should empower all employees who have suffered from sexual harassment to stand up for their right to work in a harassment-free environment.

When sexual misconduct is reported and tried, it tells perpetrators that they will be held accountable for their actions.