Ranger Wiens

Friday, October 29th, 2021 // From 11:00am to 2:30pm

Subject: Auto/Punitive Damages

2 hr Case Analysis


Ranger takes great pride in representing injured people and their families. Ranger’s passion for personal injury directly correlates to his successes. Ranger joined Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. in 2013 after working for State Farm Insurance as a trial lawyer for 4 years. Ranger has extensive litigation and trial experience. He was named Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2012 at the Southern California law firm of Bonnie R. Moss & Associates. Ranger now exclusively represents injured people against many of the same insurance companies he formerly defended. In the last three years, Ranger has done more jury trials on the Central Coast than any other plaintiff’s lawyer. Ranger was named the Central Coast Trial Lawyers Association 2014 runner-up in the Trial Lawyer of the Year selection process. Ranger then went on to win Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2015 for the Central Coast Trial Lawyers Association.

Case Analysis Details

“McCall v. Ceja & Coastline Distributing Inc”

Opening Statement & Closing Argument

Plaintiff Kayleigh McCall (Age 27 at the time) was rear ended by a bobtail style truck while stopped for a red traffic light. Defendant driver, Paul Ceja Jr., had a history of substance abuse and rehabilitation. Defendant’s father, Paul Ceja, hired him despite his prior dependence history to deliver products across the Central Coast. At the time of the collision, Defendant Ceja was under the influence of controlled substances as high levels of opiates and amphetamines were confirmed by a blood test after the collision. Coastline Distributing, Inc. knew of Defendant Driver’s sordid drug history and nevertheless employed him with a conscious disregard for the safety of others on the roadway. Punitive damages were claimed against both Defendant Driver and Coastline Distributing, Inc. Plaintiff sustained cervical facet injuries. Plaintiff’s future treatment recommendations included radiofrequency ablation therapy (rhizotomies) every year for the rest of her life. There were no recommendations for surgery. Jury Verdict was $2,119,875.00. Total compensatory damages verdict was $1,059,938.00. The punitive damages award was also $1,059,938.00.