Sean Claggett

Saturday, October 30th, 2021 // From 8:30am to 12:00pm (Case Analysis) & Thursday, October 28th, 2021 // From 1:30pm to 5:00pm (Lecture)

Subject: Wrongful Death/ Child & Data Driven Law: Prepping for Trial

3 hr Case Analysis & 3 hr Lecture


Sean Claggett is an established Las Vegas personal injury attorney and handles difficult cases across the country. Sean founded Claggett & Sykes Law Firm in 2005 and is the firm’s lead trial lawyer. In 2016, Sean had the fourth most influential verdict in the United States according to Courtroom View Network, stemming from a slip and fall at Lowe’s in which his client suffered a TBI after she slipped, fell, and knocked down a three-foot yellow warning cone. The verdict he won was in the amount of $16,430,000. In 2017, Sean was recognized by his fellow trial lawyers of the Nevada Justice Association as Nevada’s Trial Attorney of the Year. He spent several years as a dean and as a faculty member of one of the most prestigious trial colleges in the country.

Case Analysis & Lecture Details

“Espana v. Republic Silver State Disposal” & Data Driven Law with John Campbell

Voir dire/opening/closing/rebuttal

Trucking Wrongful Death, Espana v. Republic Silver State Disposal:
This case centered around Republic Services’ choice to retain a dangerous driver who failed to yield the right of way to an 11-year-old girl who was crossing the street in a crosswalk. The driver of the Republic Service garbage truck made a right-hand turn striking the 11-year-old girl, and killing her. $38,750,000 verdict

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) is the standard in business. Tesla, Google, Apple, SpaceX, and Amazon don’t make decisions based on their gut alone. Neither should attorneys. Sean and John will discuss their method for using data obtained from in-person and online focus groups, combined with a working knowledge of jury literature and research, to shape your case from file to trial. These methods have been involved in over $1 billion in verdicts in the last 5 years alone. Their model for Data-Driven Law is a blueprint to systematically improve case selection, avoid common pitfalls relating to experts and witness preparation, identify blind spots before the defense does, prepare for trial, pick a jury, and in general, turn ordinary results into extraordinary ones

Hour 1 – “Jury Psychology & Empirical Research”

  • Basic vocabulary every lawyer needs to access the growing body of research regarding jurors
  • The basics of how empirical research is used in jury research, academic and private
  • Summaries of some of the findings from the last 20 years of empirical research on juries

Hour 2 – “How to Apply Data to Your Practice”

  • Participate in a sample online study and learn some of the basics of data analysis and interpretation
  • Ideas for using data, big and small, to make better decisions and improve case results at each phase of trial

Hour 3 – “Experience-based Advice”

  • Lessons learned from studying over 200 cases involving over 50,000 jurors:
    • Whether or not to include economic damages when they could be a “low anchor”
    • Lessons for proving mild TBI
    • The relationship between damage requests and liability
    • Using word clouds to “read jurors minds”
    • Identifying and co-opting defense positions
    • The role of attorney and plaintiff credibility in close liability cases
    • How to use scoring metrics to pick cases, value cases, and pick juries


Sean & John will explain:
How they use data in their cases and when working with other attorneys
Preparing for Trial: Attorney Prep and Case Prep with Data
Results (discussion of real-life use of Sean and John’s methods in recent multi-million dollar verdicts)